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  • Big Nate in the zoneBig Nate in the zone

    Peirce, Lincoln, author, artist.

    "The latest illustrated novel from Lincoln Peirce is a laugh-out-loud must-read starring the one and only cartooning genius, king of detention, and Cheez Doodle connoisseur, Nate Wright. Nate's not having the best of luck . . . in fact; he's not having ANY luck. But with a little boost thanks to Chad's lucky foot, suddenly good luck is everywhere Nate turns! Nate's in the zone! But how long will it last?" --

  • Truck troubleTruck trouble

    Royston, Angela, 1945-

    After a hard day driving his rig, John is just in time to make a special delivery to a party at the new children's hospital --

  • Flat Stanley goes campingFlat Stanley goes camping

    Houran, Lori Haskins.

    When Flat Stanley's mood is a little ... flat, his family decides it's time for a camping trip. But Stanley's outdoor vacation is more adventurous than anyone expected!.

  • The phantom menaceThe phantom menace

    Dolan, Hannah.

    While Jedi knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn stop a Trade Federation attack on the planet of Naboo, they encounter the young Anakin Skywalker, a slave on the planet Tatooine, who they believe is the Force's "Chosen One.".

  • What Animals EatWhat Animals Eat

    Stones, Brenda.

    Text and colorful photographs introduce what different animals eat.

  • PinkaliciousPinkalicious : soccer star

    Kann, Victoria.

    Pinkalicious and her soccer team, the Pinksters, play their first game against the Ravens, but when the ball is kicked off the field, Pinkalicious chases it and is picked up by Goldilicious for a trip around the world.

  • There's a Fly Guy in my soupThere's a Fly Guy in my soup

    Arnold, Tedd.

    When Fly Guy is not allowed in the restaurant with Buzz's family he follows his nose and ends up in the soup.

  • TrainsTrains

    Feldman, Thea.

    The amazing photography in this book will grab readers from the first page and keep them turning for more. Covering all aspects of trains from how they go, to who rides, who drives, and all of the various architecture of a train system, this book's photographs and text work together seamlessly to introduce new vocabulary and help decode the words in context to build confidence for more reading success.

  • Eyewitness mythologyEyewitness mythology

    Philip, Neil.

    Be an eyewitness to the magical powers and amazing adventures of gods, heroes, and beasts in captivating stories from around the world.

  • Ruby scores a goalRuby scores a goal

    Ruby is trying to score a goal while playing soccer with her friends, but Max's toy robots keep getting in the way.

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